I Photograph Interactions, Reactions & Emotions.

Unique in Style & Personal.

Extensive Equipment & 30+ Years Experiance

For over 30 years I have had the good fortune and gift of photographing over 1.700 weddings throughout the world.

I always have up-to-date equipment and also have back-up equipment to ensure everything goes perfectly on the day.

Destination Weddings

Throughout my career I have always undertaken a select number of destination weddings worldwide.

I am well-versed in many cultural types of weddings and their cultural differences, being keen all my career to enrich my experiance and skills.

Global Award Winning Wedding Photographer

Over the many years I have been photographing weddings...

I am proud to have been awarded several globally recognised and international awards for my work and my passion for wedding photography.

Professional Editing

As the creator of images I feel it is my responsibility to edit each image as my minds eye envisaged it at the point of capture.

I never bulk edit your photographs through either an automated process or external editing house. I attend each image and edit them individually to ensure they each tell your story correctly.

It's All About...

Interaction, Reaction & Emotion

The true art of photographing people being candid among family, friends and loved ones is to capture the interactions, the reactions and the emotions that occur spontaneously and in the blink of an eye!

As a world leading photographer - let me tell your story and capture these fleeting moments, so you can treasure your precious day with creative photography, that has a unique and personal touch.

Gardner T Hamilton.


What Brides Say...

It was an absolute pleasure to have Gardner as our photographer for our wedding. He is very professional and puts everything into his work.

Carol Anne Fine

From the second we sent an enquiry to Gardner for our wedding photography we knew he was our photographer!

Stephanie Millar

We could not be more pleased with the service Gardner provided. Everything went smoothly, with amazing pictures!

Emma Williamson

On our wedding day he was fantastic and kept us right with what we were doing and was everywhere getting fantastic photographs.

Pamela Park

Gardner was great throughout the day capturing all the key moments and helping us to get the wedding pictures we wanted.

Claire Stewart
Precious Moments - Professionally Captured

What Grooms Say...

Gardner's work speaks for itself. His photos captured everything and more. He made our wedding day just being there.

Jarrad Cody

Wonderful photographer on the streets and on the wedding day. He can tell your story with his charming personality and photographic skills.

David Patrick Valera

I was completely blown away by this wonderful man from the moment we met him. Charismatic, polite, caring, enthusiastic and a complete gentleman.

David Mullen

Bottom line is Gardner goes the extra mile in order to provide permanent memories of what is the most important event of a relationship.

Mike Lee

Not only was Gardner amazing at his job, he also offered advice on timings of the day, and helped us plan our wedding day better.

David Skelton

It's never about the camera.

It's only about you.

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Global Award Winning Photographer
Extensive equipment and over 30+ years experiance
I Can Be Wherever YOU Will Be...Globally.

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