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What happens if my photographer is sick on the day of the wedding?

I personally work with two other professional photographers of my own caliber and experience to ensure between us - we always have one person not booked on a wedding to be able to cover given any emergency. We feel this is our obligation as professionals.

It would take a lot for me personally to not attend. I have photographed weddings with a broken ankle and a broken collar bone! I once flew from Chile to Aruba three days after emergency surgery, to photograph a wedding. As well as conduct underwater videography for a couple from USA!

As I say.... would take a lot for me not to be there!

Do you have backup equipment in case your camera stops working?
What's is the normal package for the average wedding in Scotland?
Destination Weddings
I/we do not like being in front of the camera, what do we do?
What happens with Image copyrights, ownership and printing, sharing etc?
What happens if the weather stops us using outside for photographs?
How do I know which photography package to pick for my day?
How long can I expect to wait for my final images to be delivered?
How many people do I include in the family photo session?
Would you do special request photographs or something specific we want?
Do you Photoshop out things I don't like about myself?
How Long For The Final Images?
How Do I Hiring You For Our Wedding?
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