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Global Award Winning Wedding Photographer

I consider myself privilaged in being able to say, to date; I have photographed over 1,700 weddings in just a litte over 30 years.  I have mastered many different types of photography and enjoyed them all. I’ve also worked in many different sectors and industries of photography, I’ve perhaps not enjoyed those so much!

That said, I’ve always had a special passion for wedding photography, above all other types – there is nothing that can compare to capturing true happiness!

I am proud to have been awarded several globally recognised and international awards for my work and my passion for wedding photography, which has been a main part of my life-long career.

It’s both a pride and a pleasure to be recognised alongside other well-esteemed industry professionals. Who share the same passion for creative compositions, and are not afraid to push the boundaries of traditional wedding photography.

My passion and skillset in photography has ranked my work 32nd in the World & 24th in the USA, as a Global Wedding Industry Expert.

Need a Wedding Photographer ? to Creatively Capture Your Special Day?

🏆 Ranked 32nd in the World & 24th in the USA as a Global Wedding Industry Expert.

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