It;s not often I shoot a winter wedding in Chile as there are not many and I am often in United States and Canada at this time of year shooting in their summer weding season. However, this time I was here and glad I was as this was truly a fantastic wedding and a great couple, these guys and their guests had no difficulty when it came to having a great time.

The day started out with Coni, her mum and dad, sister and friends starting preparation at the Radison Hotel in Concon. The amazing GORAN KURTE was a great choice for the days makeup. I have worked with Goran in the past (Elyiecia & Ivan) and he is simply brilliant!.

so.....during the prep I took the chance to skoot off and catch a few shots with dress and shoes which is difficult in this hotel because they do not let use the public foyer and roof space for taking these images, but, me being me....bla bla bla


foto : Mauricio Cancino Moreno (

Now what about that dress and those shoes ?
After all that it was time to put it all together and get the bride on the roofome shots before we all head off to the ceremony
Clocks tickin  !!... lets go.... time for Dad to walk Coni up the Isle
This is the cutest cheekiest smile ever
Party Time
NOW !, in this case I admit I had everything to do with this....
BUT !, I had NOTHING to do with this lol ....
Chileans sure love their Parties....gimmie gimmie gimmie
The Happy Couple didnt just party like animals...
and last but never least I caught this shot of Mauricio trying out his new "Blending In Camoflage" PLOP!
Great Job guys, this wedding shook the winter blues out of everyone
Gardner Hamilton