Daniele and Mauricio ( Santiago )

A Fairytale Wedding

Such a small.world.we live in approx two years ago a South American bride to be and her future husband from autrialia contacted me from australia with a consideration for being their wedding photographer in december 2009 in Pucon Chile. After much of the online back and forth we set it all up and wham bam job done.

As part of my ongoing facebook activities i decided to run a prompotion of a cost price wedding photo package for the 2000th person to connect to me and I was blown awY when it turned out to be the sister of the bride from australia. Such a small world. So to late to cut a long story short here we go.

Daniela loves fairys. No. I mean LOVES. This wonderland theme of this day and the ladies all with wings was somethibg I have never experienced in the past and i doubt will have the chance again. This was an extremely unique event in everyway, and I got to see my Aussi friends one more time. Allround Awesomess

I will open with Danielas wedding day gift to Mauricio... Gotta Love that one







The amazing Celtic band that played really got my foot stomping with a blood rushing touch of home for me






The Irish dancers were amazing
and the guests were pretty good too
Strange things happen when a fairy gets married...look, a butterfly came in the party room and landed on one of the guests