Daniela and Mike contacted me several months ago aftr there wedding to talk about shooting a wedding portrait session while in Chile on honeymoon staying at the Hotel Real in Santa Rita Vineyard  (STUNNING, now in my top 3 locations in central Brazil).
Daniela, part Japanese and part native Hawaiian, and Mike, born on the mainland but been living in Hawaii for many years were such a cool, laid back couple. The were so enjoying their honeymoon, the occasion and getting to live out another day and bride and groom....and....we had loads of laughs. 
Daniela had mentioned to  she like a kinda romantic feel to the images, with her stunning dress and a the surroundings it was perfect. She had expressed her urge to crush grapes but not an easy call at such short noticed...so once the sun went down we did what we could lol... i hope the vineyard doesnt see this or i will never be allowed back lol.. Next time I am in Hawaii guys you can be sure to hear from me for a light refreshment. A real pleasure to meet you both..  Aloha and Mahalo

Here the happy couple make there way to the gardens...WOW they look amazing !


Now, about those grapes.....Sun is down, its a little dark and no one is around, quick guys, into the truck..4x4 engaged  and lets see whats cooking up in the vineyard...lol


now clean these tootsies, in the truck and back to your hotel for dinner under , table for two in the walled garden.  ENJOY