Michael and Paula flew down from Miami last week and brought some fine weather with them to the coast of Vina del mar. Paula originally from cerro castillo in Vina and Michael of greek extraction living in the United States put a lot of time and energy into planning their big day.

 Mauricio and I arrived early as usual to the Sheraton Mira Mar in Vina del mar to start with the days photos. First call was the bride as always....shoes, rings, dress, makeup and everything inbetween..as usual Mauricio likes to get a shot of me doing something stupid...but read on as i get my revenge this week HA HA !

let the games begin !

the Flower Girl and the Ring bearer...smiley and serious ready for their big debut

These shoes were great to work with, Classic Bridal Shoes and a great non reflective surface

Not having to worry about the reflective surface let me use them with multi-directional light. Worked great in this mirror and footstool shot

This is always one of my favorite ways to present the weddng rings

Paulas girls had a real laugh getting her into her wonderfull dress

Install veil and shes good to go, Using a reflector disc to maintain some important details always makes for a more dynamic silhouette photo, the details were way too nice to omit

and with the bouqette in hand she is now ready to go...

Due to the timeline on this wedding we had to take a short time before the church ceromony to ensure we got some daylight photos of the happy couple (to be...)

Always a great Smile Paula...beautifull bride or what !

On the way out of the Sheraton I thought, this could be fun...very last minuite but what the hell

The sheraton were not too amused and were concerned about the usual accident cover i guess...but...its all about seeing an oppertunity and grabbing it...while the desk clerk went to ask for permission for me to shoot this caper...we set it up...shot it...then ran away !!

The Greek God Micheal awaits his bride at the orthodox church in vina del mar..Michael enjoys a laugh and was game for just about anything to shut me up...

Paula arrives and now its down the serious business at hand

a beautifull and unique little church full of great details. The orthodox service is a little longer but great for the photographers as it gives more time to catch all the details

Some amazing voices chanting out from the balcony above filled the room with song and prayer...nice touch..very traditional

unlike most ceromonies the priest places the rings on the bride and groom...different but again a great shot to get..i love all the details in such a smal space here in this image

ok off to the Yacht Club in Recreo for cocktail, meal and parteeeee, but first.....

a quick sail on a little yacht around the bay to enjoy some quiet time together before the crazy time starts.

and here we go...SURPRIZE   there were balloons up there all night....gotchya !

Good boy groom, I tipped him off to take advantage of the high roof and throw it nice and high...good job.
So far in Chile the grooms friends and really emmbarassing the brides girls when it comes to fighting for the prize....

and finally...the part ive been waiting for...Mauricio gets cornered by some guests and made to party and stop  shooting but being a true photographer he fought them off bravely while protecting one of his beloved cameras ...  We're Even !

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